Monday, 23 June 2014

Colour Meme Challenge

This meme became incredibly infectious throughout the world of tumblr, so of course I joined in! It's incredibly fun and makes for some good practice if you're stuck in an rut with your work.
(I still have a handful of requests to finish, so this post will be updated later in the future.)

SPG's 'Rabbit' - Palette #12 

SPG's 'The Spine' - Palette #17
rottingrootsarts OC/Fanbot 'Pet' - Palette #6
 alyxxthecupcakelady's fanbot 'Punk femHatchworth' - Palette #9
Nitori - Palette #18
Zoanthia's 'Loki' - Palette #8

Sailor Moon - Palette #12 
Booker Dewitt - Palette #12